• What is your best seller?

The Man Bar and Ginger and Lime seem to be everyone's favorites but all of the bars sell pretty evenly.

  • How much is shipping?

For domestic orders I charge $6.99 regardless of order size. Buy lots.

  • Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Orders of 4 bars or fewer for most countries can ship for around $22 (USD) for First-Class International Service. 5 bars or more and Priority Mail International are more expensive. But it's good soap, I promise.

  • What in the crap are these packing peanuts? Don’t you environment bro?

We proudly use only biodegradable, anti-static peanuts made from a renewable, starch-based material. This packing material protects fragile items in transit just as well as the old style polystyrene ("styrofoam") peanuts, but without the harmful effects to the environment.

  • Is your soap organic?

I use organic ingredients wherever possible unless they are overwhelmingly cost prohibitive. Fucking Good Soap should be an affordable luxury.

  • Is your soap Vegan?

There are no animal products used in the making of F.G. Soap. No tallow. No milk. Just vegetable oils. So...probably. I have vegan customers and none of them have died yet.

  • I love your soap but I don't like the F-word. What can I do?

Say yes to "grandma labels" at checkout and Google F.G. Soap to navigate to the site. Transactions will appear as F.G. Soap, LLC on your statement. F-words magically avoided. Also, don't be such a weiner.

  • I live in Portland and I don't want to pay shipping. How does this work?

Choose will call at checkout and I will email you with details regarding a pick up or meet up.

  • More Q's? Email me at