The Soap

My main focus is creating a great bar of soap that you’ll want to use every day. You’ll notice I don’t spend a lot of time on colors or designs. Too many times I've seen handmade soaps gathering dust as unused bathroom art. My soap is for cleaning your bits, not something you’ll feel like you’re ruining because it’s pretty to look at. The ingredients to make the soap are fucking expensive so use it you filthy animal. Speaking of ingredients, there they are >>>>>>>>> 

The Ingredients

Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Palm Oil, Purified Water, Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Soybean Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance. 

This is the base of every small handcrafted batch. It produces a hard, long-lasting bar with an insane lather. I use high quality essential oils (or fragrance oils) to create the scents and the occasional herb or oatmeal for flare.

(Please for the love of God do not buy if you’re allergic to any of that shit)

20180325_141910 - Edited.jpg

The Name

Fucking Good Soap. Sure, I toyed with all the airy-fairy/dime a dozen names like “Beautiful You” or “Majestic Wonderful” or “Ethereal Womb” etc. Turns out, those are all taken because everyone and their fucking mother runs a soap company.  And anyway, I don't talk like that. I say fuck all the fucking time and I made you some really good soap so why bury the lede?  When in doubt, be true to yourself. 

The Label

My mom made them by hand. I took immense pleasure in making her write the F-word over and over again. She takes pleasure in the fact I'm not in jail or living in her basement so she's supportive. Thanks mom.